A Taste of Eastwick


The right mix of ingredients – the best people in the kitchen, a dash of curiosity, a twist of creative experimentation, the right story, something a bit spicy, and a full scoop of authenticity – in the kitchen, as well as in communication, makes a recipe for success.

At Eastwick, we love cooking up success for our clients across all of the people and places that matter. We also like stirring it up in our home kitchens and everywhere our favorite people gather. In this cookbook, our Eastwick chefs have collaborated to bring you over 30 recipes to celebrate the holiday season. Each is unique, shared with a note describing why the dish is special. May you enjoy them as much as we do.

Copies of this cookbook – for free digital download or purchased hard copy – are available below. All proceeds from purchased hard copies will benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.


Visit our Facebook page to see some pictures of #TeamEastwick at Second Harvest Food Bank to learn more about the work they do.