January 2014 newsletter: What’s in store with Eastwick in 2014, CES trends, client news & more

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What you can expect in the year ahead

2013 was a successful year for our clients and for us. From agency and client awards to staff expansion and practice area additions, and considering the growth in recognition, financial success, and acquisitions for clients, it was a good year.

It may sound a bit cliché to say it’s an exciting time for the business. But the truth is that 2014 feels pretty damn exciting, and it’s barely even begun. Read Barbara’s recap of last year and the exciting agency plans for the year ahead. And as always, feel free to drop us a line directly if you have questions, comments, requests, or feedback.

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What’s content marketing, anyway?

About 78 percent of the nation’s chief marketing officers think that content is the future of marketing, according to Demand Metric, a marketing research outfit. That means that sellers need to get their stories disseminated early and often, forging strong relationships with their audiences and customers. And here at Eastwick, we intend to do precisely that.

Eastwick is launching a Content Marketing practice in 2014 aimed at giving clients more control of their relationships with customers and constituents. Every company has a story to tell. We want to help them tell it.

See what our content marketing lead, Mark, has to say about our new Content Marketing Group. And contact us to learn how we can help boost your message through content.

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Trends from CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show continues to be a global assemblage of consumer electronics, technology, and telecom manufacturers displaying their latest wares. Yet, increasingly it is becoming less about the show itself and more about the backroom meetings and ancillary conferences at resort hotels. Our man, Mark, files his report from CES 2014. Read his take here.

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D-Rev goes to Davos

Congratulations to Eastwick client D-Rev, who was selected as one of 36 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers (and just landed on the front page of the New York Times business section). The non-profit product development company is on a mission to improve the health and incomes of people living on less than $4 per day by designing world-class, market-driven products and selling them at affordable prices. D-Rev CEO Krista Donaldson is in Davos, Switzerland this week participating in the global conference to engage business, political, academic, and other frontrunners in conversations aimed at shaping global, regional and industry agendas.

Read the full blog post here to learn more about the forum and sessions where Donaldson will be speaking.

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Welcome to #TeamEastwick

Gwen Murphy

Gwen Murphy

Eastwick role – Senior Vice President, Advocacy Marketing Group

What that means – Lead a new practice area promoting the power of advocacy to turn corporate communications into a true competitive weapon – driving sales and speeding time to revenue

Previous experience – Cisco, ACTIVE Network, Marketo, Eloqua

Ninja skills – Advocacy marketing aficionado, analyst relations pro, employee communications guru, strategic planning and messaging specialist, herder of young children

Jacqueline Berkman

Jacqueline Berkman

Eastwick role – Account Coordinator

What that means – Organizational hub for client accounts: monitor coverage, develop pitches, identify influencers, maintain social channels

Previous experience – HarperCollins Publishers, Random House, McSweeney’s

Ninja skills – Writing fiend, strategic communicator, ed tech enthusiast, improv performer

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When we think of how social media affected reputations of public figures in 2013, many negative examples come to mind. Executives were fired or forced to resign for insensitive tweets, a politician’s adulterous nature was “exposed,” and a certain mustached journalist published a highly unfortunate selfie to his social channels. As communications professionals, Eastwick knows there is no room for this behavior in 2014 (not that there ever was) and knows how to help. We’ll have lots more to share in this area throught the year under the direction of our new VP of digital and social.

Social media can be volatile and scary; but when used strategically, it can drive thought leadership, inspire speaking engagements, and humanize your personal brand. Read more about how to implement these tactics.

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Client highlights


Moneytree is a personal finance management (PFM) app redefining people’s relationship with money. Based in Japan, Moneytree launched its iOS app in April 2013 and has since been consistently featured in the App Store (Japan). Moneytree came to Eastwick to tell its story globally to prepare for its next round of funding after raising a $1.6 million seed round led by early Twitter investor Digital Garage. To differentiate Moneytree from competitors, Eastwick worked closely with the client to position the company as a truly mobile-first experience for the quantified-self in finance. As a result of new messaging and highly targeted media outreach, Moneytree was featured in 12 publications within the first month of working with Eastwick. These media hits included TechCrunchpeHubBank InnovationTech In Asia, and more. Last but not least, Moneytree was also proudly selected as Apple’s Best Of App Store 2013 in Japan.



Email is the number one attack vector used by cybercriminals. The need for cyber-threat protection has consumers demanding that companies protect their data. That’s where Agari comes in. The San Mateo-based cybersecurity company is changing email security and removing malicious attacks for good by combining threat intelligence and data analytics. With Eastwick’s efforts and Agari’s dedication to changing email security and improving cyber-threat protection, together we’ve helped point the finger to where the world’s most dangerous email messages originate. Leveraging the data from Agari’s quarterly email TrustIndex – the industry’s first email security “credit score” – Eastwick shared Agari’s message in top-tier publications, including the Associated PressFast CompanyFinancial TimesThe Wall Street JournalWall Street & Technology,ZDNET, and front page coverage in USA Today.



For several years now, the Seagate team has started off the new year with a trip to Vegas. At CES 2014, Seagate – jointly withLaCie, an acquired company – made nine announcements around new storage solutions that create space for the human experience. The marquee announcements included three new consumer hard drives, and the team delivered per usual. Eastwick booked several pre-briefings and 62 in-person meetings with U.S. and international press and analysts, managed review units, and planned an analyst dinner with 12 influencers. To date, 145 unique articles have been published, resulting in over 210 million impressions and six “Best of Show” round-ups in publications such as CNETEngadget,Fast CompanyForbesVentureBeat, andWired.

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