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Press Releases more multimedia = more views

Hours upon hours of writing, reviews, editing, and you’ve finally finished your press release, right? …not so fast. If the release is text-only, you’re missing an opportunity for deeper and wider engagement. Recent research revealed what Eastwick already knew: that visuals matter.

PR Newswire, used by Eastwick and clients for press release distribution, has found that including multimedia with a press release increases the visibility of that news. In fact, the 2012 research indicates that the more multimedia, the more views.

  • Combining text with a photo = 1.8 times more views
  • Adding a video = 4.3 times more views
  • Including both photo and video = 7.4 times more views
  • Incorporating photos, videos and downloadable files = up to 9.7 times more views

Visual impact matters in elevating messages, supporting stories, and driving key points of an integrated communications strategy. By adding additional multimedia elements to a news release, you help tell a richer, more engaging story. For example:

Announcing a new product? To draw more views, include:

  • Photos of the product
  • Video demos
  • Downloadable product spec sheets

Sharing financial news? Get more attention when you include:

  • A graph or infographic illustrating changes over time
  • Downloadable financial reports

Promoting a new executive? Include (you get the point):

  • Photos of the person
  • A video interview

Eastwick highly values written AND visual communications – the data speaks for itself.

Want to increase your news visibility and engagement? Eastwick’s PR and visual communications teams have the talent you need. Drop us a line and let’s get started today!

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