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When you work in PR, there is hardly enough time to take care of personal hygiene, let alone doing PR for yourself. How does a deadline stricken team of hardworking communicators have time to complete a campaign award entry? At Eastwick, we’re ridiculously dedicated to our partners and sometimes forget to recognize our own achievements. But this year we made it happen!

We are happy to announce that Eastwick and client NetBase won a PRSA Silver Anvil Award of Excellence for B2B Integrated Communications. The Public Relations Society of America is the largest professional organization serving the U.S. public relations community with an annual awards program to recognize outstanding strategic public relations planning and implementation.

In March 2012, Eastwick and NetBase launched a “What Women Want” integrated marketing campaign, using NetBase’s own social media intelligence capabilities to analyze a year’s worth of online conversations, revealing what men and women want. The end goal was to expand NetBase awareness (a B2B company) to consumers and new buying audiences, as well as to educate media and analysts of the benefits social monitoring can impart on other business applications. The campaign included a product launch and panel at SXSW, an infographic at Mashable shared more than 6,500 times, an ice cream man, and 5,000 red t-shirts. During the week of and week following SXSW, NetBase received more than 2,000 unique tweets (6.4 million impressions), 70+ features, and more than 17,000 unique website visits (a 450 percent increase from typical traffic). Read additional details below.

An award is big time, but it’s icing on the cake when your client tweets, “OMG – @NetBase and my team just won 2013 @PRSA Silver Anvil Award – thx @eastwickcom 4 gr8 partnership!”


Campaign Case Study Details

The social analysis created a perfect starting point for a campaign to reach three new audiences: the consumer (men and women) and buyers (public relations pros and digital marketers), which convene annually at South by Southwest (SXSW). With such interesting consumer-centric findings, we knew the “What Women Want” campaign was meant to be an integrated communications campaign with infographic, ads, interactive social media and on-site promotion, launched in conjunction with press outreach. The overall strategy was to be scrappy and go viral.  SXSW is a huge event where a product launch could easily go unnoticed in the sea of people and a crowd of social media monitoring competitors. NetBase and Eastwick decided on a plan to break through the noise with an integrated campaign inspired by the research resulting in extensive data on consumer behavior and emotion around their most wanted products, which we compiled into a comic book style infographic.

The key tactics were a mix of traditional and out-of-the-box marketing. Media and analyst outreach, Twitter and Facebook engagement through competition, branded t-shirts, stickers and an ice cream man, a booth with ice cream scoop giveaways and an exuberant CMO. Each component was tied to another, pulling the entire campaign together. It was fun to draw in the crowd, pique their interest and ultimately drive foot traffic to the booth to learn more about NetBase.

The program included 5,000 SXSW staff walking around in bright red branded t-shirts worn that said, “NetBase Knows What Women Want.” The 5,000 walking red billboards incited curiosity amongst SXSW goers (who wouldn’t want to know what women want?), leading them to the panel and booth for the answer. Once at the booth, they received an “I Want [blank]” sticker they had to fill in, tweet (using the #netbaseknows hashtag) and wear. Walking around the show was “ice cream man” who pushed a red branded cart that said “what women want,” handing out free ice cream to those with the sticker. One panel attendee won a year’s worth of Ben and Jerry’s for the most creative tweet!  We also had an ad and postcard campaign “NetBase Knows What Women Want” and a speaking panel at SXSW with marketing and PR and digital marketing industry influencers where the results were revealed.

Quality business leads, infographic share count, social media, website visits and increased traffic to the NetBase website were used as methods of evaluation, determining the campaigns success. The WWW infographic placed in Mashable prompted more than 6,500 consumers to share it (not including the shares of the other 70+ WWW online, radio and television coverage generated). Coverage of the WWW infographic and social media monitoring platform garnered 70+ total articles across technology and consumer media, including features in AdWEEK, Glamour, IDG, Billboard Magazine, and InformationWeek among many others. This was double the normal amount of coverage received by the company without an integrated campaign.

During the week of and week following SXSW, NetBase received more than 2,000 unique tweets (6.4 million impressions) and had more than 17,000 unique website visits, a 450 percent increase from typical traffic. NetBase’s presence at SXSW generated hundreds of net-new qualified leads and over 20 enterprise deals in an active sales cycle. The graphic also made it to a Taiwanese newspaper, prompting an office manager to contact the company (now an employee in the NetBase Taiwan office).  Other highlights include a tweet from Ben and Jerry’s, a press release and special promotion offered by Dairy Queen, speaking slota at the “Marketing to Women” conference and the Social Commerce Strategies Summit, and winning a 2012 OMMA Award. Subway even mentioned the NetBase analysis within a commercial about their cookies in March 2013!

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