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April Fool’s Day pranks have become a Silicon Valley tradition – but why? We thought there must be some method behind the madness – so we decided to test it out. Can unconventional communications drive results? Enter NOOB™ (Neo-Organizational Optimization Brainstorm™) technique, our “research” team’s latest project, which reveals what really happens in the cloud. The results? We stirred up an interesting conversation.

Our content drove increased levels of engagement across the board:

This is evidence that these types of communications work: eye-catching visuals drive engagement and “out of the usual” communications provoke conversations.

Increased engagement does not happen by chance, but can be attributed to what Brian Solis, Principal at Altimeter Group and author of What’s the Future of Business, calls “creating shareable experiences” – designing intentional experiences that will encourage engagement at key points of interaction.

Create something people want to be a part of
Shareable experiences make people want to be part of the magic even after they are done with their interaction. Our cloud computing prank demonstrates this: people from many different backgrounds shared with others saying, “Look at what I found – Check it out!”

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.08.39 PM

How do you create a shareable experience?

  • Craft the right story. We’re all bombarded by information. Having the right story is key to creating moments that resonate. Know your audience and what makes them tick. Stories should be about the reader, not the writer – what do they get out of the experience and why should they care?
  • Know the right time. Sharing or launching an experience at the right time will increase engagement. Holidays and other seasonal events are great opportunities to build buzz and drive engagement. Conversations are bound to happen around these events – figure out how to become part of these discussions, and better yet, how to influence them. Seasonal content should have a social media strategy that capitalizes on user engagement as it is happening. By “liking,” re-tweeting, and even responding, brands can show that they are listening to their consumers and empowering their opinions.
  • Facilitate the “after effect”. Most important is what happens after the interaction. A good shareable experience should not only leave a reader thinking, “I have to share this,” but should also enable that extra step. A clear call to action and different sharing options make it easy and fast for your audience to keep the conversation going.

Want to launch your own sharable experience? Let Eastwick show you how.

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