Hit “Like”: Facebook tells Wall Street Aggregate Knowledge is Enabling the Social Media Leader’s Top Line Advertising Revenue

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They say it’s not what you know.  It’s who you know.  Well, what if what you know is just as compelling as who you know?

In the case of Aggregate Knowledge (AK).  I’d say they’re well on their way to shaking things up in the world of advertising.  For those of you who don’t yet know AK, they’re a venture-back media intelligence company that offers advertisers and agencies an exact science to pinpoint where to reach highest performing customers in a single platform.

This pioneering company is made up of savvy technologists and risk-taking marketers.  In fact you might even call this blend of new innovators: ‘Math Men meet Mad Men.’ Here’s their unique differentiator: only AK can offer both audience as well as media data, enabling marketers to most effectively allocate media dollars, resulting in increased reach, higher sales and dramatically improved media spend efficiency.

Which leads me to the big week they had.  This week Facebook announced their fourth quarter earnings, and put special emphasis on the momentum their advertising system is gaining.  Who do you think was at the forefront?

You guessed it: Aggregate Knowledge.

Robert Hof, contributing editor at Forbes covered the full story, and made sure his readers had insight into Mark’s Zuckerberg’s comments as to what’s working so well for the social media giant:

“Research from Aggregate Knowledge showed that Facebook is an increasingly powerful tool to help marketers reach more people and drive sales.  In a study of fourth quarter marketing campaigns, they found that media plans that included Facebook reached people who would not have seen the campaigns otherwise.  In fact, 45% of those reached were reached exclusively through Facebook.  The study also found that Facebook had a 68% lower cost per acquisition and drove 24% more new sales than other online channels.”

Suffice to say, our client, AK has a very compelling story, a growing portfolio of household brand name customers in every industry and an ideology that typifies what companies will need today in order to succeed.  While they may not have Jon Hamm on staff, they certainly have amassed a phenomenal bench of “math men” who are teaching “mad men” how to increase reach and drive sales.

Congratulations, AK, on a great week.

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