AutoGrid, Enlighted, Bridgelux, Siluria, QBotix and Twin Creeks Highlighted on GoingGreen Global Top 200 List

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We’d like to congratulate the slate of Eastwick clients that landed on the 2012 GoingGreen Global Top 200 List, which seeks to identify the leading private green technology firms around the globe.

AutoGrid Systems, Enlighted, Bridgelux and Twin Creeks all made the list while Siluria Technologies and QBotix were included on the “Ones to Watch for 2012” list.

Despite an overall downturn in VC investing in green, demand for technologies that will leverage the power of the sun, curb the consumption of natural resources or let consumers and companies swap out oil for more abundant materials will continue to grow. The industry is moving out of the trough of despair and into the mainstream.

AutoGrid, for instance, has developed a cloud-based service that lets utilities predict energy consumption in a region or within a facility and take actions to avoid peak power consumption. The company, which raised $7 million from Foundation Capital and Voyager Capital, is a start-up but it has already landed deals with utilities like SMUD.

Likewise, QBotix has created a system that manages solar farms with mobile, rugged robots. The QBotix tracking system can boost power output by more than 40 percent while reducing the cost of solar power by 20 percent. The company came out of stealth this summer and it’s already installing systems in Alameda and San Diego. (See photo.) Popular Science also selected it as the QBotix Tracking System as one of the top green technologies of the year.

Enlighted, meanwhile, has developed a system for managing lights and air conditioning in commercial buildings through intelligent, semi-autonomous devices attached to the ceiling. The devices can cut lighting power by 70 percent or more. Just as important, the Fortune 1000 likes it. In just over a year, Enlighted has landed deals with Google, JDSU, Hewlett-Packard, Interface and others. Its devices manage over 5 million square feet of office space.

And in 2013, Bridgelux has a few technologies coming that will drastically reduce the cost of solid state lighting.

Think back to 2008 or even 2010. Green technology companies were still raising money. But many weren’t delivering products yet. Now, the pipeline is filling up.

It may not be as flashy as it once was, but make no mistake: green works.

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