Eastwick About Town: D-Rev Open House

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Several Eastwickers were spotted at the open house of our newest client D-Rev, creators of world-class, revolutionary designs for products that improve the health and incomes of people living on less than $2 per day. D-Rev CEO Krista Donaldson explains to Courtney Pong and Joseph Beare how the company identifies a market need directly impacting 1 million people or more and works with local manufacturers and suppliers to create solutions that are radically effective, affordable and sustainable.

Take a look at some of the prototypes we saw. First to market in the coming months will be Brilliance, a solution to treat neonatal jaundice for less than 1/10 the cost of current treatment options. Design lead Jayanth Chakravarthy showed us how the project evolved. The first design was great in concept – a blanket that delivers the necessary blue spectrum of light that cures jaundice. Unfortunately, D-Rev discovered the lighting grew too hot to keep next to the baby’s skin for the requisite 36 hours. The concept evolved into the overhead light fixture Jayanth is holding over the model baby. This design is optimized for hospital environments and will go into production soon. The next evolution of the project is a portable lamp that can be easily used in rural environments. Stay tuned for details of the big launch!

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