Social Media for Jack*sses: The Kanye Edition

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The hoopla surrounding Kanye West’s latest “foot-in-mouth” moment (or should I say “mic-in-mouth”?) was yet another reminder of the speed and power of the social media machine. While I hate to perpetuate these discussions that give the man more air time than he deserves, the breadth of awareness on this singular incident makes for an interesting example of social media engagement.


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Companies, still reticent on putting integrated social media strategies in place, will soon realize that people are online and, whether you decide to engage or not, are talking about you. Case in point…as soon as Kanye self-righteously stepped on the glittering MTV stage and grabbed the mic out of young Taylor Swift’s hands the response was swift (pun intended)…and the bloggers, twitterati, video deejays, talk show hosts, etc. were weighing in.

While some leveraged morning talk shows or evening entertainment news programs, most took the fight online. And fight they did, with Kanye receiving a smackdown unseen since Perez Hilton’s faceoff with former Miss California Carrie Prejean. According to Trendrr, which tracks buzz on Twitter, there were a total of 293,024 tweets in the hour immediately following West’s outburst.

Even the President of the United States—-deeply buried under Healthcare reform bills—was aware of the situation and deemed Kanye a “j*ck *ss.” Unfortunately, Kanye isn’t represented by Eastwick Communications (poor sod). Savvy witches and warlocks like us know that social media can help serve to immediately correct wrongs or, in this case, deliver Swift, her fans and the media a very public “mea culpa.

In addition to an immediate, personal apology to Swift, Kanye should have posted a heartfelt blog citing his mistake (one of many), participated in ongoing conversations on Twitter, phoned in to the View, where Swift was a guest, and take another hit for his mistake the previous evening.

Unfortunately, Kanye decided the best course of action was to publish a brief blog post where he likens himself and his irascible behavior to Greg Focker, Ben Stiller’s character in the 2000 comedy, Meet the Parents.

Ahhhh…what a “j*ck *ss.”

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